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​Asia Motel will soon under go major renovations, but please enjoy the few amenities that we have:

  • A low-tech guest kitchen is available for those who desire to cook. 

  • A small Farea/hut is situated in the back yard for lounging and dining.

  • Access to a small wharf via our back yard is available. (have lunch at the beautiful Island of Aore!) Check with front desk for hours of departure.


Planning on visiting the beautiful sites of Santo?  Let us know! We have a local driver available upon request. Gibson runs his own taxi service and has an extensive local knowledge of all the destinations. You can have it all at a notably discounted rate.  Flexible tours or ride services can be catered towards your interest; Full-Day tours of multiple sites, destination Drop-off & Pick-up, or West Coast Resort Bar hopping are all possible opportunities. 

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